Woser's article on "Tibet's Water Pollution and China's 'Global Warming'" on HPPE

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There is a really good Chinese language article on pollution of Lhasa River and problems associated with mining at Gyama village of Meldro Gungkar county by Woser, the premier Tibetan blogger. You can read an English translation of the article by High Peaks Pure Earth. Check out the striking photographic evidences of the problems with water pollution and mining in the region.

The Gyama mine is now owned by a Canadian company named Jinshan. I have written about human rights implications and Canada's involvement in these projects. See: Canada and Crime Against the Tibetan People


Anonymous said...

The relationship of Vancouver based Jinshan Gold Mines, which is in the process of acquiring the Gyama mine, and China National Gold Corp. (CNGC) is interesting. CNGC is a 100% state owned company, with representative of the CCP as its head. A couple of years ago it was given control of Gyama. More recently, CNGC bought Jinshan, which owned a gold mine in Mongolia in the PRC. In September CNGC decided to transfer Gyama to Jinshan. Why?

Since there is clearly no legitimate economic benefit to CNGC, there must be other, probably non-legitimate reasons. The first that comes to mind, is, since Gyama is the mine with probably the worst human rights and environmental record of any mine in Tibet, that the goal is let Canada take the flak for the abuses there rather than the PRC. The second is that Jinshan comes with overseas bank accounts in tax havens through which all its money flows, along with other great features that officials that get paid off the books, like all senior CCP officials, want and need. Interestingly a bit before the transfer of Gyama to Jinshan started, CNGC was "loaned" the equivalent of nearly $100 million US dollars by a PRC State owned bank. This seems to be way more than they can ever use in the foreseeable future at Gyama, so you've got to wonder what the heads of the company plan to do with it. In an additional questionable development, Jinshan is now talking about doing business in Russia, one of the few countries more corrupt than the PRC.

The Tibetan Plateau Blog said...

Thanks for your interesting thoughts, Anon.

QTP-permafrost said...

Tashi la..thank you for sharing this information on water pollution and those images..