New environmental documentary by a Tibetan

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Tibetan man, Tsultrim Gyatso, has made a documentary film on the Colorado River. Gyatso-la is a staff and board member of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation, which has a wonderful environmental education website in both Tibetan and English languages. As a part of Tibetan Ecology Foundation's project, the film "The Blood of the Earth: Colorado River" aims to educate Tibetan people about river ecology and implications of development. The film website does not have any video clips right now but it says that the entire documentary will be available for viewing online both in English and in Tibetan. The following two paragraphs from the film website sums up their vision:

Twenty-three years ago, in 1985, television came to Tibet. From television, we learned how to change our dress, we learned how to eat new species (like crustaceans – sea insects), and from Hollywood, it seems people learn how to be violent. Through this medium, we can also learn how to protect our environment.

The Tibetan Ecology Foundation proposes to produce a documentary movie about the Colorado River. The movie would be made in both the Tibetan and the Chinese language, for distribution and viewing among the Tibetan and Chinese people, all of whom share a responsibility for the Tibetan Plateau. The Blood of the Earth-Colorado River will discuss river management, utilization, and conservation in the American Southwest. For Tibetans, the story of the Colorado River will help them to prophesize the future story of their own rivers. And with a glimpse into their future, perhaps the people of the Tibetan Plateau will have the tools to fulfill their responsibility to best care for their rivers.


Losang said...

I recently found your blog. Thank you for posting such interesting articles. I will be sure to read through your blog more.


The Tibetan Plateau Blog said...

Hi Losang, I am really pleased that you found mine of interest because I am a big fan of yours. Please do visit again and any contribution from you would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Why a Tibetan making a film about American river? I don't see what the connection is. Unless it is for educational materials for Tibetan in Tibet. In Tibet do people have environmental materials to access in Tibetan Language?


The Tibetan Plateau Blog said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I think it's great that a Tibetan has made a film on an American river. Yes I think the film is for educational purposes for Tibetans in Tibet. And there are Tibetan language environmental materials in Tibet, mainly from environmental NGOs.