Earthquake in Yushu

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

See the last section for ways you can donate to help with the relief work

A nice Tibetan song dedicated to the earthquake victims

Google has added some useful tools to support earthquake disaster relief in Yushu. And for regular real time updates (even better than tweeter), check this link. Here are some informative satellite images from google. Click to make images bigger.

GeoEye GE-1 high resolution satellite imagery of Yushu after the earthquake

USGS Shake Map showing different colors for different intensity levels of tremor

Surface acceleration

Damage intensity

Click on this link to see Kyegu Monastery relief work album. Lots of pictures.

Xinhua reports China is carrying out a geological reconnaissance for the rebuilding of the quake-hit township of Jyekundo, to be turned into "a plateau ecological tourist city."

Tibetan language map the region

Websites specifically dedicated to providing information on the ongoing situation and relief work:

Special website of local consortium of NGO's, now active in
Jiegu, Xining and Chengdu.

Plateau Perspectives is one the best sources of updates on the situation on the ground. See this special website.

University of Virginia also has a special website.

This photo of a girl reading her book in front of earthquake ruins is really something. Photo from

Al Jazeera report on cremations for the dead:

Here are three Google Earth images (Thanks Nima-la!) of the damaged dam near Thrangu (ཁྲ་འགུ་དགོན་ or "Changu" in Chinese media) monastery. The first two images show the town of Yushu (ཡུལ་ཤུལ / ཡུས་ཧྲུའུ) or Jyekundo (སྐྱེ་རྒུ་མདོ) at an altitude of 3,685m and the dam located South, upstream at an altitude of 3,800m. The second is a close image of the dam. This report from The Independent says that "Emergency officials said the dam could burst at any time, putting 100,000 people in danger". This dam is like a time bomb that might cause another tragedy. I urge governments, groups and citizens of China to urge China to use its resources to gradually empty the reservoir, secure the dam and take people living downstream away to safer areas.

The following images are from a Chinese language blog.

For more images from the same source (warning: disturbing images of dead victims), click here

lhatseri tweets: "Tibetan language blogs sites from PRC have been blocked. No posts about the earthquakes."

Death toll rises to 589, according to China Daily

A "Letter from China" in the New Yorker talks about China's news censorship about the earthquake

The International Rivers has raised timely concerns about dam safety and questioned the sensibility of proposed dam projects in the region.

A set of still images from the Telegraph also shows aid work going to the region.

This New York Times video shows a different set of clips.

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated Tibetan netizen reactions to the earthquake. More here.

Chinese language CCTV report

Two English language news reports available on youtube:

For more information, see these stories from Xinhua and BBC. For technical information about the tremors, see this US Geological Survey site.


1. Donate to Tibetan Village Project's earthquake relief fund by clicking here

2. Another NGO working locally is Machik. You can donate to Machik's earthquake relief fund by clicking here

3. Tibet Foundation


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much to both you and your wife. She truly is an 'angel' :P Will pass this info around.. please keep us updated on this.


Anonymous said...

Tibetan Village Project, a US based non-profit organization, is spearheading earthquake relief efforts with a local coalition of NGO's on the ground in the Kyegundo region of Kham in Eastern Tibet (or Yushu County, Qinghai Province, China).

The coalition, called Yushu Earthquake Response, is working to create a bridge between the affected area and individuals and organizations wishing to offer assistance. We're working under government guidance to assess urgent needs and get help where it is needed on a daily basis. We have been steadily supplying water, food, tents, clothing, bedding, medical supplies and the trucks needed to transport them, for the earthquake victims. As the relief effort shifts to rebuilding, we are committed to focusing on sustainable reconstruction and aiding schools and medical clinics. It is more important than ever that local NGOs and others here on the ground have the resources they need to be effective.

Please contribute now to the efforts of the Yushu Earthquake Response. For more information, daily updates and how you can help most effectively, visit or

E-mail from Tamdin Wangdu, Tibetan Village Project founder, who is working in Yushu, April 21st:

"This morning we woke to 2 inches of fresh snow here in Xining; on the highway we heard there is up to 6 inches in places, and in Yushu it is cold, windy and miserable.

At 10 a.m. this morning Xining came to a standstill for three minutes in honor of the Yushu victims, and it sounded like everyone in town leaned on the horns. Looking out the window through light snow, butter lamps lit in the small shrine in the courtyard added a faint glow to two huge trucks being loaded with supplies - it was surreal and immensely sad. Tears flowed freely amongst our team here.

In Yushu, the team conducted more successful supply distributions and widened the range of our community assessments. There are now plenty of supplies for the next few days, so our shopping and packing team took a well-earned rest.

Tomorrow, they'll be back at it again..."

Please donate, as it is important to do so to NGOs - the money goes directly where it is needed immediately! Blessings.

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