Monitoring Tibet through Google Earth - 2

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A couple of quick updates: Zhikhong and Thrangu Dam

Last year, Tibetan Plateau blog reported a doctored Google Earth image, which suspiciously covers the Zhikhong Dam, located approximately 100 km NE of Lhasa. While Google did not respond to my queries, the company has now uploaded a different, untampered image of the dam. See below.

In April 14, 2010, a huge earthquake hit Yushu County and caused massive destruction to life and property. The tremors had also damaged a dam, threatening to flood the main city located downstream.

Google Earth has uploaded a April 28, 2010 image of the dam, which shows the reservoir mostly empty.

Check out these images on Google Earth yourself! Notice the coordinates (latitude and longitude) at the bottom of most GE images posted on this blog. Share what you find with us and your friends!


Anonymous said...

Great job. Thanks

Sheila said...

AMAZING. Thank you for this incredible catch.

Violet da Gambit said...

AMAZING. Thank you for this incredible catch!