VOA Kunleng discusses nomad resettlement issues

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tibetan language service of Voice of America has an excellent video discussion on the topic of nomad resettlement. The discussion is enriched by the input of two guest experts -- filmmaker-researcher Tashi Despa from London and Khenpo Choeying, who is from a nomadic region of Serta. The guests not only bring passionate Tibetan voices but also first hand knowledge of the conditions on the ground. I personally really liked Tashi Despa's input about the real conditions on the ground and the socio-economic implications of nomad resettlement policy. His use of small examples, such as the poor quality of houses, or the boredom experienced by youth, were very incisive. Khenpo Choying emphasized the significance of nomadic lifestyle for the purity of Tibetan culture and identity, and that the policy of resettlement is a deliberate attempt to sinocize the Tibetan people.

The interview is in Tibetan. If anyone would translate the interview for posting on this blog, it would be much appreciated. For those who don't understand Tibetan, I highly recommend watching Tashi Despa's English subtitled film "Undercover in Tibet". The film has good coverage of many of the issues discussed in the interview.

The video has been resized to fit this blog.

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