Pakistan shocked at Chinese dam on Indus River

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have heard word-of-mouth stories of a Chinese dam on the Tibetan headwaters of Indus River (Senge Khabab, སེང་གེ་ཁ་འབབ་) but never saw anything published about it. A news story from Pakistan confirmed the rumour today. I tried to locate the spot where the dam must be built using Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library's handymapping tool. Unfortunately the satellite imagery is not clear on close-up and the mapping system won't show rivers. So I drew a VERY rough blue line (took me 2 seconds on PhotoShop) on the map to show Indus headwaters. The dam is located near Ngari (མངའ་རིས་, called "Ali" in Chinese) township, circled in black, in Gar (སྒར་) county in Western Tibet.

I then checked on Google Earth and, guess what, the dam is clearly visible there. See the screen shot below. The dam is situated at 32 degrees and 31 minutes North latitude, and 80 degrees and 10 minutes East longitude. It is built on a tributary of Indus River, which flows from East to West joining the main (Indus) river at 32 degrees and 31 minutes North latitude, and 79 degrees and 42 minutes East longitude. The "city" on the left of the image is Ngari township.


Anonymous said...

Why is Pakistan shocked? Chiniyo se ma chudwane ka shok to he hi.

shuja balti said...

I belong to Little Tibet (Baltistan,Pakistan occupied), I strongly condemn All the acts being carried out by the three axis of evils(China,India and Pakistan) to deprive us from our land and rights of Tibet ,Ladakh and Baltistan .

Shuja balti, Baltistan

bathmate said...

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Ali said...

What? I can't believe it.

Send flowers to Pakistan